USDA Aberdeen Reroof

Reroof 16,500 and 9,000 SQFT of seed storage facility with white 60 Mil single-ply. Project was a competitive bid. No subcontractors will be used. 100% of the work is self-performed.

Trinity Dam Outlet Valve Building Reroof

Trinity Dam Outlet Valve Bldg roof replacement, located 8 mi N of Lewiston CA. Existing built-up roof containing asbestos needed to be removed from the building and replaced with a new membrane roofing system. Project was a competitive bid. The project was completed on schedule and budget. We subcontracted the asbestos work, everything else we perform in house. The only subcontractor was ASI, who did the abatement.

FAA Air Route Surveillance Radar Reroof, Epoxy Floor and Asphalt

Reroof ASAR facility, Ajo, AZ. Subcontractor for Parsons and the FAA, plus change order to pave, and do some TI work. Project was a competitive bid. The reroof occurred on an active ASAR facility with no impact to its operation. The COR was so pleased with our work they added additional items for us to do which included paving a parking lot and some little interior TI work. The project got extended for the additional work and the budget was increased to account for the requested additional work. Subcontractors used on this project were, Nations Roof, and a paving subcontractor.

Klamath Falls Air National Guard Reroof

Installed HVAC unit on base building Klamath Falls FAA Airport. Reroofed FAA base building and electrical generator building. This project was competitively bid. Subcontractors were Accelerated Building (electrical and HVAC), Nations Roof, and we self-performed a portion of the roof as well.